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Wood Grain Diffuser

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Woodgrain Air Diffuser - Bois LG-B07

This is a beautiful addition for the home that appreciates aromatherapy and its benefits; or to any health, beauty or spa related business.

Very safe as there is no heating involved; ultrasonic vibrations allows water to be split into microscopic particles then expelled into plumes of mist along with the scent of the essential oil.

Automatic safety shut off when the water runs out. Easy to clean and maintain. Quiet operation. Very low power consumption.

Add about 10 drops of any essential oil.


Voltage/Power - 24v/12w
Water tank - 160ML
Size - 130x 130x 95mm

Generating negative ions give an extra lift to physical and emotional well being and health.

Constant moisture ensures your skin doesn't dry out.


1 x Woodgrain LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

1 x AC Adaptor

1 x Measuring Cup

1 x User Manual