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Wintergreen Essential Oil

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Eliminates pain and induces relaxation, stress reliever, helps with insomnia, helps to fight rheumatism and arthritis, removes excess water, fats and salts through urine, helps weight loss, congestion relief, asthma relief, anti-septic, astrigent, helps to expel gas, diuretic, stimulates circulation, reduces spams in repiratory, muscular, digestive and nervou systems, helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Note:  The essential oil of wintergreen is highly poisonous due to the presence of Menthyl Salicylate. Do not take internally.  Keep away from children under 13 years of age.  Excessive external application on the skin can also turn fatal because of absorption of excessive Menthyl Salicylate in the tissues and consequently in the blood stream. Do not use if you are hyper-reactive to salicylates.

15 ml