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Ultrasonic Air Aroma Diffuser (Ribbed)

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Ultrasonic Air Aroma Diffuser

  • This aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.
  • Auto shut off - this diffuser will automatically shut off when it senses little or no water so you can literally set it, forget it, and enjoy your essential oils with piece of mind.
  • This noise-free essential oil diffuser is simple and safe to use and clean while still being greatly efficient.
  • Simply fill the reservoir with water mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oils to instantly enjoy the cooling mists for a more comfortable and aromatic environment.
  • This aromatherapy diffuser works perfectly with any of your favorite essential oils, whether you want to fill your space with lemon, lavender, or peppermint.
  • Whisper Quiet Operating System