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Himalayan Salt Lamp (Large)

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All our Himalayan salt lamps are 100% pure and made from the real Himalayan Salt which comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains.

These lamps are 14 lbs (5-6.5 kgs) per lamp.  Approximately 9-10 inches in height.

These beautiful salt lamps emit a warm amber-pink glow while cleaning the air in your home, soothing allergies, boosting your mood and helping you sleep better.

Salt lamps are provide health benefits because they are “natural ionizers,” meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air.

Ions are compounds that carry a charge because they have an unbalanced number of protons or electrons.

They are produced naturally in the air when alterations occur in the atmosphere.  

Himalayan salt lamps may produce ions by attracting water particles that evaporate off as a salt solution when heated by the lamp, forming mostly negative ions.

Health Benefits:

Cleanses and deodorizes the air

Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms

Eases coughing

Increases energy levels

Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

Better sleep

Improved mood and concentration

Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder

Reduces static electricity in the air