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Angel Aura Crystal Skull

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Crystal skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. One can work with specific stones for assistance with specific conditions, or one can work with an all-purpose crystal skull carved of clear quartz crystal.

Crystal skulls intensify and amplify the power of intention, and hold the specific frequency and resonance of a desired outcome. Crystal skulls carved out of the gems and minerals can aid with the specific areas or issues.

The Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal you should have it you want to try a new approach, discover a new path in life or achieve something you desire.  It is about revealing the beauty between your with others.  It restores your faith in humanity and will you to take part in the greater good.  This stone will nourish your throat chakra.  It possesses a sweet and loving energy that will effectively stimulate and elevate your mood. 

You will be able to experience rest and purification.  You will go beyond the physical body and receive assistance from your own angel guides because of your elevated state of consciousness.

Weighs approximately 219 grams