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Natural Acne Spot Treatment

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  • Our most advanced treatment gently targets acne blemishes on your face or body. Feel the difference of our all-natural ingredients on your sensitive skin without irritation.
  • Excellent for adult or teenage blemished skin.
  • Let your face shine and become more beautiful than ever.
  • Our acne spot treatment combined with our cleanser and toner will help your skin cells grow in full, healthy, and renewed to give you the skin you’ve dreamt of having! 
  • Our spot treatment will take care of your skin, leaving behind a clean bright face. It will make your skin more elastic and firm, eradicate acne, and close your pores. 
  • Your skin will feel refreshed and cooler. This treatment will target blemished areas in an easy natural way.
  • Contains the essential oils of tamanu, lavender, tea tree, tangerine, grapefruit, roman chamomile, helichrysum in a base of our jojoba and apricot kernel oil.
  • Proudly made in Canada

10 ml