Absolutes, Dilutions & Fragrant Oils

Essential oils are most often produced through the process of steam distillation. Some flowers, however, such as Rose and Jasmine, are too delicate for steam distillation.  Their oils may be extracted more effectively by extraction. These oils are called absolute oils. An absolute oil is an essence, having a very high concentration of fragrance, and, like essential oils, a little goes a long way and care must be taken in its use. Unlike essential oils, absolute oils are volatile and evaporate when exposed to air.

Sometimes an essential oil that smells good, is not particularly good for health if the plant matter is poisonous or an irritant to the human body. This extremely limits the oils aromatherapy applications.  Fragrant oils are a good way to avoid negative side effects but still enjoy the pleasant fragrance.

Fragrant oils are almost usually synthetic and they do not contain the true floral essence so their contribution to aromatherapy is simply fragrance. However, some fragrant oils are not synthetically manufactured and these oils are blends of essential oils cut with a carrier oil.