What is Black Cumin Seed Oil?

Have you heard about this fantastic oil and its multitude of benefits?  Probably not.  It’s not the most popular of carrier oils, but maybe it should be.  Here we breakdown everything you need to know about this phenomenal oil and how it can help you and your family.

Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil is derived from the seeds of the Nigella sativa botanical, also known as the Fennel Flower.  It is cold pressed from the seeds of the Fennel Flower.

You may have seen it referred to as Black Oil, Black Seed Oil, Baraka, Fitch Oil, Kalajira Oil, or Kalonji Oil.

The interesting fact is that for more than 3000 years, Cumin seeds and the oil that they yield have both been used in cosmetic, medicinal, and culinary applications.  

They were applied as herbal remedies, condiments, and treatments for aches and topical irritations, including bites, sores, inflammation, and rashes.  It is believed that Black Cumin Seed Oil was first used by the Assyrians of ancient Egypt, where it came to be used by renowned royal figures, such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti, who used it in their skincare routines, beautifying baths, and medicinal applications.  In Ayurveda, Black Cumin Seed Oil has been used in a wide range of applications, mainly for its stimulating, warming, and tonic properties as well as for its uplifting effect on the mood.

Here we provide you with a list of some of the benefits; some cosmetic and some medicinal:

  • Softens hair without leaving a greasy or sticky residue
  • Has cleansing properties that eliminate dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from hair and skin
  • Conditions and protects hair from damage without diminishing luster or making it feel heavy
  • Maintains the softness, and radiance of skin and hair
  • Stimulates the growth of thicker, longer, and stronger hair
  • Reduces the appearance of aging, such as pre-mature wrinkles and fine lines
  • Eliminates dandruff and support hair growth
  • Exhibits anti-oxidant properties
  • Prevents joint inflammation, stiffness, and pain
  • Protective effect on the hear by promoting healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps to normalize blood pressure
  • Facilitates wound healing
  • Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties
  • Soothes acne and reduce chances of future outbreaks
  • Helps slow the look of aging by sustaining skin elasticity and softness
  • Its anti-fungal properties help with fungal infections, yeast and mold
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
  • Anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties that help to eliminate harmful topical bacteria while preventing future growth
  • Helps to build the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that assist with eczema and psoriasis
  • Analgesic properties help in reducing the discomfort of rheumatism and arthritis
  • Helps with respiratory issues such as allergies, asthma and bronchitis
  • Preliminary studies have shown that a compound in black seeds and oil, Thymoquinone, helps induce apoptosis (cell death) in leukemia cells, other studies have shown this same effect in breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, and even oral cancer cells and cavity forming bacteria. 
  • Also has the properties associated with it: immunity booster, mood booster, diuretic, anti-viral, anti-histamine, febrifuge, expectorant, to name a few

You can use this oil several ways. 

Add a few drops to a natural non-scented face cream; this will help with wrinkles, infections and acne.

If you are trying to re-grow your hair, you can make a stimulating and conditioning hair mask by adding 2 tablespoons of Black Cumin Seed Oil to the palms of your hands, rub your hands together and massage into the scalp.  Leave on for about 60 minutes, wash hair with a good quality shampoo and repeat every few days.  This will strengthen and support scalp health, reduce hair loss, prevent dryness, balance the scalp’s oil production, reduce frizz, protect the strands against damage.

If you suffer from arthritis, massage onto affected area.  Also works well for joint pain, muscle pain and rheumatism.  The oil will help alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

Are you dealing with indigestion?  Apply to your stomach area or put a few drops into your diffuser and let it run.  The diffuser method also works great for respiratory conditions like allergies or asthma. It even helps with headache or menstrual pain.

Black Cumin Seed Oil will be light in colour and is characterized by a nutty, spicy, woody scent.  Most people find the scent inviting and not overpowering, but if you are not a fan of the scent, try blending with lemon or lime.

Black Cumin Seed Oil, as all other oils we promote, are for external use only.  It is not safe to take any essential or carrier oil internally.  It is important that you contact a medical practitioner before using any essential or carrier oil.  This oil is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding. 

If you suffer from any of the following health conditions, it is recommended that you speak to a physician prior to use:  cancer, heart-related ailments, skin disorders, diabetes, bleeding disorders, low blood pressure, or hormone-related ailments. Individuals that are taking prescription drugs, undergoing major surgery, or who are at a greater risk of experiencing strokes, heart attacks, or atherosclerosis are also advised to seek medical consultation prior to use.

Marian Grande is a Certified Clinical Aromatologist with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, in good standing.

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