Valentine's Day with Essential Oils

Valentine's Day is almost here.  Did you plan anything special for your honey yet?  Chances are you aren't sure what to do - why opt for same old boring candy and flowers?  We have got the perfect solution for you!

Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, essential oils have been used to enhance health, beauty, fertility, and love.  Modern research has confirmed that essential oils can influence the brain (through our Limbic system) and cause the complex chemistry of the brain to change subtly. It has been observed several times by researchers that certain essential oils will produce specific and repeatable emotional responses in an individual. 

We have comprised a list of essential oils along with their known effects for creating desire and fostering pleasure in the bedroom ... or wherever you choose.

Valentine's Day


Rose oil balances hormones, supports the reproductive organs, and encourages feelings of sexual confidence.  Be forewarned, it is extremely expensive and hard to find.  It takes 12,000 rose petals to make a single drop of Rose Essential Oil.  Maybe you want to opt for the rose fragrance oil, if you're on a budget!


Patchouli essential oil is a loved aphrodisiac by many.  Use it in Valentine's Day activities such as massages and bubble baths.  Great for the skin.


Frankincense invokes a sense of calmness and serenity that helps to dispel the day-to-day worries that often cloud our passionate thoughts and feelings.  The aroma itself stimulates the senses and desires helping to unleash your sensuality. 


Ginger is known to enhance lovemaking by making it last longer.  This warm scent invokes a deep feeling of passion and comfort.


Jasmine essential oil helps to put couples in the "mood" by reducing frigidity.  Also, beneficial for performance issues in men.

Ylang Ylang

A potent aphrodisiac; probably one of the most potent in the essential oil world.  It reduces inhibitions, intensifies feelings, and increases energy.  You don't need much of this oil - if you use too much, it may cause headaches; which will certainly reverse the effect you would want.

Aphrodisiac Blend

Our aphrodisiac blend comprises Ylang-ylang, Patchouli, Orange Sweet, Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine making it the perfect bouquet of passion.  Great to use in a massage.

We never encourage ingesting essential oils, and always recommend that you dilute them with a suitable carrier oil.  Always make sure you receive your information from a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. 

This Valentine's Day be different - try some arousing essential oils to boost up the love in your life.

Copyright © Serenity Aroma.  Written by Marian Grande Simone.

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