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Boost Your Energy with Essential Oils

Most mornings when we wake up, we feel like we barely slept, or that we could use a few more hours of sleep.  Essential oils can help you feel energized, refreshed and alive.  There are several essential oils that have been praised as having properties that help with fatigue and lack of energy.  Essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years in various regions of the world, however it wasn’t until 1928, when the science behind their healing properties were discovered.  Essential oils have been proven to treat various conditions and ailments such as inflammation, infection, headaches, stress and more, however, you can also use aromatherapy as energy, mood and focus booster. Some of the most uplifting and “happy”...

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Essential Oils that Beat Winter Blues

It's been a cold and snowy winter here in Canada this year, and we still have a few months left to go until Spring.  A combination of factors contribute to what is known as "winter blues" or "seasonal depression"; the top factors being the weather, lack of sunshine, and flu season. 

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How aromatherapy can benefit your yoga practice

You enjoy yoga.  You attend your weekly classes.  You feel the great benefits of yoga.  You love every aspect of yoga.  But have you ever thought of what can make the effects of yoga even better?  Probably not! Meditation and being mindful of your breathing is an important part of yoga. It improves your concentration and calms your mind. Yoga helps to lower stress and encourages production of oxytocin hormone, which is associated with feelings of relaxation. Yoga is also known to lower blood pressure, control cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.  When you combine yoga with essential oils, it brings harmony of mind, body and spirit.  It is also helpful in balancing your chakras. Yoga and essential oils compliment...

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