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Essential Oils that Beat Winter Blues

It's been a cold and snowy winter here in Canada this year, and we still have a few months left to go until Spring.  A combination of factors contribute to what is known as "winter blues" or "seasonal depression"; the top factors being the weather, lack of sunshine, and flu season. 

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Amazing Lemon Essential Oil and How To Use it!

Lemons are universal.  Practically everyone knows what a lemon is, but what does it do? The origin of the lemon is unknown; however, lemons are thought to have first grown in a region in northeast India, and northern China.  Investigations throughout time of the hereditary birthplace of the lemon found it to be half between a bitter orange and citron.  It is believed that lemon trees were first introduced in Europe around 200 A.D. Lemons are so much more than an ornamental plant, which is what it was first cultivated as.  Lemons have a ton of health benefits associated with them, which is why everyone should have lemon essential oil in their home.   Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel.  Did you know it requires about...

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