Serenity Aroma Review on a Nebulizer

Have you ever tried a Nebulizer?

Essential oils are a beautiful thing.  They are about more than just amazing smells.  They assist with so many illnesses and ailments.  Being certified in Aromatherapy always pushes me to new levels; wanting to learn more and wanting to share more. 

I have often written about the benefits of essential oils and how they can assist in leading to reduced anxiety levels, increase in mental clarity, and even pain relief.  But what about getting them from the bottle into your system?

I took it upon myself to research the much talked about “nebulizer”.  It’s been a journey … and I’m glad to be able to share my findings with you.

First, let me start off by saying the quality of essential oils is key.  You never want to purchase an essential oil based on price or what seems to be popular these days.  Being certified, I always select the highest grade of oils for my clients.  I have seen the benefits first hand, so I cannot reiterate enough, how important quality is.

Cold air diffusion is an excellent choice to diffuse your essential oils.  You can actually use fewer drops of essential oils than many other types of diffusers.  These diffusers are actually called nebulizers, and they use room temperature to blow air into the unit.  These units do not use water or heat.  The oils are vaporized quickly and then dispersed with air.

Today, I am reviewing a nebulizer I received from Organic Aromas.

I have always used diffusers in my own practice and personal life.  They work great.  I never thought to order a nebulizer, until very recently.

Here are my findings:

Each component was delicately packaged and secured in thick foam.  The wooden base was delivered in a velvet bag.  How lovely is that?  Everyone loves velvet.  It also came with a small bottle of an essential oil blend which was heavenly.

I have used it every single day since it’s arrival. 

The unit is compact and quiet.  Very elegant.  The mood lighting is soft and inviting, not overpowering like some other diffusers I have tried in the past.  I added 9 drops of the essential oil to the nebulizer and turned it on.  The scent was more concentrated than I got with some other diffusers, but certainly not overpowering at all.  A knob on the side of the unit allows you to turn down the scent, if you so choose.  For those who cannot handle too much scent, it was indeed a very attractive feature.

The company itself has been amazing.  They have responded to every inquiry I have made in a short amount of time.  The customer service has been incredible, and that should be noted, especially in a world where great customer service seems to be difficult to find.  They stand behind their product, which makes me feel great about ordering and recommending them to you.

If you haven’t tried a nebulizer in the past, or even if you have, you absolutely must try this one.  It will be your new love. 

Email us for more information on our nebulizers and prices.

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