How aromatherapy can benefit your yoga practice

You enjoy yoga.  You attend your weekly classes.  You feel the great benefits of yoga.  You love every aspect of yoga.  But have you ever thought of what can make the effects of yoga even better?  Probably not!

Meditation and being mindful of your breathing is an important part of yoga. It improves your concentration and calms your mind. Yoga helps to lower stress and encourages production of oxytocin hormone, which is associated with feelings of relaxation. Yoga is also known to lower blood pressure, control cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.  When you combine yoga with essential oils, it brings harmony of mind, body and spirit.  It is also helpful in balancing your chakras.

Yoga and essential oils compliment each other in ways you probably had never thought of.  Essential oils can support your yoga practice.  Essential oils have been known to carry a variety of health benefits; both physical and emotional. 

There are some essential oils, when diffused in the air, can be very stimulating while others can be calming and relaxing.  More than just providing emotional benefits, essential oils can clear the air of toxins or even viruses (like the flu).

If you like to practice early in the morning, add some orange oil (mixed with a carrier oil such as grape seed oil) to your wrists.  Inhale deeply.  As you practice your sun salutations, the scent of the orange essential oil will be revitalizing and energizing to you.  This will soon become routine to you.

We have comprised a list of the most beneficial essential oils when practicing yoga.  Try them individually, or make a blend.


Frankincense oil has a calming effect on the mind, making it a great oil for meditation. This oil will help in connecting with your spirituality, thereby bringing you inner strength. It expands the upper chakras and heals the body by alleviating depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress.

Lavender oil helps to relieve anxiety, depression, nervousness, headaches and insomnia. It also helps to balance the chakras, brings you peace and relaxes your mind.


Myrrh oil aids spiritual opening by calming the central nervous system. Further, it infuses the mind with deep tranquility and serenity.  It strengthens the connection between the crown and base chakras. 

Lemongrass essential oil helps to relieve the mind from tensions and pressures of daily life. Using this oil during yoga helps to uplift our mood and instills happy feelings.

Helping to boost self-confidence, reducing high blood pressure and soothing headaches, ylang ylang's sweet floral scent is a popular oil.

It is best to use aromatherapy with yoga for at least one month to experience its full benefits.  As essential oils direct the body away from ailments, it opens pathways for spiritual exploration within.

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  • Annika Larson

    I have been looking for additional ways to help calm my body and mind. Yoga paired with aromatherapy seems like a great method that I will need to try. Especially using an oil such as frankincense that, like you said, is very calming for meditation and relieving stress would be very effective.

  • Leviticus

    I started taking a yoga class recently to help me relieve stress. I have been looking for ways to enhance my yoga experience. I think that’s really neat that aromatherapy products can be used to help calm your mind and balance your chakras when doing yoga.

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