How Aromatherapy Cures Hair Loss

This a true story ... and I wanted to share it with my readers in the hopes of helping others, particularly, children.


My friend's son, aged 11, always had a full head of hair, very healthy and shiny until one day.

Let's start at the beginning.  In the summer of 2015, my friend's father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  He tried chemotherapy and after another scan, they found out the chemotherapy wasn't working, and the doctors gave him only 6 more months to live.

They are a very tight knit family.  Her kids, herself and her husband are extremely close with her father; he is loved more than life by everyone.  Her kids have a special bond with her father and were extremely saddened by the news.

One day three weeks ago, my friend's son approached her and told her he was losing his hair. What?

Naturally, being only 11 years old, she thought he was joking.  She took a look and a large patch of hair was gone.  They immediately took him to the hospital, and were informed that partly due to the stress of her father's cancer and partly due to an auto immune disease, he was suffering from Alopecia Areata or more commonly known as hair loss.  The doctors told her to expect the hair to grow back in about a year.

I couldn't believe it .... a year?

Being a Holistic Therapist, there was surely something I could do to help.  I came up with a "hair loss" blend made only with my natural essential oils.  I realized Essential Oils can help hair loss two ways; plant oils promote relaxation, and treat hair loss.

I am so happy to report that his hair has started to re-grow and quite quickly at that.

Please share this blog with anyone who could benefit.  Click here to buy the essential oils needed for this blend.

Hair Loss Blend

4 tsp Grapeseed Oil (Carrier Oil)

3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

Mix all oils together and massage on scalp where hair loss occurred every day for 2 minutes.  I put mine into a spray bottle and sprayed four times on the scalp.  Have the person put their head down so the blood can flow to the top of the scalp and have them count to 10.  You will start to see hair growth within 1-2 weeks depending on the person.

We love to hear feedback - if you try this blend, please let us know how it worked out for you.  You can email us at

Be Well!

Serenity Aroma

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